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Raid: Mount Sharax

Threngar is the final encounter in the Assault on Mount Sharax. Few raids attempt him due to his difficulty to loot ratio.

Boss Information

  • Health: 549 Million
  • DPS Requirement: 763K Raid Wide
  • Enrage Timer: 12 Minutes
  • Difficulty: 7/10

Raid Setup

  • 2 Tanks( Riftstalker is best)
  • 1 ST Healer
  • 1 Defiler
  • 3 raid Healers (Chloro + Lib + Phys/tact; Can use 2)
  • 1 Chloro 54 / Dom 22
  • 1 SC/Dom
  • 1 Archon (Stormchon is best)
  • 1 Bard/Oracle
  • 9 DPS

Phase One: 100%-75%

Boss Mechanics

Aura of Horror: Green AOE with a pillar in the middle. Renders immune to Voice of Threngar and cleanses.
Aura of Wrath: Red AOE with a pillar in the middle. Increases damage at the cost of health.
Aura of Vitality: Blue AOE with a pillar in the middle. Increases outgoing healing at the cost of movement speed.

Shadow Glaive: Swap mechanic. Deals damage and debuffs the tank. Swap at 3-4 stacks.
Nightmare Conviction: Purge mechanic. Prevents interrupt and mana drain. Causes accelerated mana regen if left up. Will result in raid wipes due to other mechanics.
Dark Binding: A black AOE around a player. Shares damage with nearby players. Stack up. Tanks can eat this solo.
Sacrificial Offering: Interruptable cast. Must be interrupted or else the tank dies.
Conduit of Martodraum: Cleanse mechanic. 5 stack debuff of 15s duration. Stacks are uncleansable while inside the green AOE. If not cleansed, the player will die. Upon cleansing Threngar cleaves.
Voice of Threngar: Max health debuff on raid. Removed by the green AOE.
Manifest Horror: Add mechanic. Summons 3 Manifesting Darkness. Radiate damage and have proximity aggro.
Condemn: Reflect mechanic. When reflected, will apply a 300% increased damage taken on Threngar for 5s. Occurs about every 30s.
Scream of Damnation: AOE reflect mechanic. Every ~30s. If failed, will wipe the raid. 1.3 second pre cast followed by 2 second channel.
Consuming Darkness: Mana drain mechanic. Does raid damage based on Threngar's Mana. Use Mana Wrench to burn (and maintain) down.
Absolute Zero: Cleanse mechanic. Only cleansable with Aura of Wrath. You can ignore this.

Flow of the first phase and transition
The raid stacks up in the green AOE. Pull him near and complete the swap, purge, interrupt, single target reflect on the tank, AOE reflect, meteor(Dark Binding), cleanse mechanic (run out of green, get cleansed, come back inside) and add mechanics. At 80% you will begin transitioning in the next phase. Move out of green and have 3 people pick up the damage buff from the red AOE() when he reaches 75%. Here is a run down and tips for each role.

Active Tank:
Positioning: Tank Threngar outside of the green bubble and faced away from the raid at all times.
Taunt Swap: Only taunt when you are in front of Threngar and facing away from the raid otherwise there is a chance to wipe the raid from Cleaves.

Off Tank:
Manifest Darkness: Grab adds and drag them to defiler beacon before running away. Don't AOE taunt.

Dominator Hybrids:
Screams of Damnation: AE Reflect every 30s~. Coordinate on a rotation.
Condemn: ST Reflect on tanks. Failure means tank dies. Success means raid does 300% increased damage for 5s.

Keep him mana drained through the entire phase.

Conduit of Martodraum: Cleanse this as soon as the player no longer has the Aura of Horror buff. Requires close watching of raid frames. Only cleansable when target is out of the green. A Purifier or Preserver can cleanse this in one gcd.

Healers: Keep the raid topped off.

DPS: Keep Threngar purged and interrupted.

Defiler: Place beacon outside about 20m from the raid.

Phase Transition: 75%

Boss mechanics

Gateway of the first Nightmare: Causes instant death to anyone closer than 12m or farther away than 40m from the center.
Akvan Monstrosity: Add mechanic. Proximity aggro. Needs an interrupt(Unbound Horror).
Untold Horror: 2s Interruptable cast. Giant frontal cleave if failed. Kills tanks.

Aura of Horror(green AOE): Spawns an abyssling for each player inside at 75%. Move out at 80%.
Aura of Vitality(blue AOE): At 75% 3-5 players will be randomly pulled to the blue circle. Move out immedeatly to avoid dropping AOEs(Freezing Void). Persists through death until the next phase.
Aura of Wrath(red AOE): Applies Star of Wrath to each player inside at 75%. Yu want to have at least 3 people getting this.
Star of Wrath: Radiates damage and increases movement speed. Deals damage when standing still.

Seed of Madness: AOE cleanse mechanic. Deals massive damage if failed. Coordinate cleanse rotation.

Flow of the transition phase
Move out of green and have the designated players run inside the red AOE. They need to be inside when Threngar hits 75% to gain the damage buff. Recommended choices for this duty is one tank, the Defiler(for emergency healing and cleanse) and 1-3 DPS. The other tank picks up the Monstrosity facing it away from the raid.
The raid remains relatively stacked while DPSing the Monstrosity and completing the cleanse mechanics. Ignore any left over Manifesting Darkness. The Monstrosity should die quickly due to the damage buff players.
The people with Freezing Void need to stay outside. Watch for the debuff icon (looks like a blue mountain). Do not rez until the next phase.

Since the Monstrosity has proximity aggro stand inside its hit box. You don't need to use any abilities to maintain aggro and should concentrate on the interrupt.

Star of Wrath (damage buff) duty:
Once you got the buff toggle slow walking speed (standard key binding NUM) and make your way back to the raid. You can run in little circles at the back of the add to damage it. Do not get closer than the tank.

Phase Three: 75%-50%


In this phase you need to complete 7 platforms avoiding Matrodraum's attacks while damaging Threngar's fractured Existence.

Event Horizon: Safe zone mechanic. Will kill any players not within Matrodraum's Existential Sphere("safe zone"). 
Existential Sphere: Saves players from Event Horizon. Range is variable on each platform, but usually 34m+ is guaranteed safety. Varies from 24m to 34m range from Threngar. 

  • Platform 1: 32m
  • Platform 2: 30m
  • Platform 3: 31m
  • Platform 4: 34m
  • Platform 5: 33m
  • Platform 6: 24.5m
  • Platform 7: 28m

Flickering Existence: Applies to the player and protects them from Threngar's AE when running between platforms.
Fragment of Threngar: Shares HP with Threngar. Double DoT or attack primarily if unable to maintain safe distance.
Abyssling: Add mechanic. Spawns on every platform change and disappears when the next Existential Sphere becomes active. Cleaves. Proximity Aggro.

Furious Crush: Matrodraum casts after 5-6 claws or when a claw is failed. Will kill everyone inside Existential Sphere.
Left Claw/ Right Claw: Cleave mechanic. The tanks need to get hit by each one on their respective side. Happens 5-6 times. Reduces healing received.
Gaze: Moving AOE mechanic. Targets the tank and moves towards the raid. Kills on impact. Avoid.

Flow of the platform phase
Stack on the Fragment of Threngar. Pick up Abysslings. Move to the next platform on Furious Crush(5th or 6th Claw). DPS the Fragment, Threngar or both(double dot). To maximize damage you can stand in the red AOE(Aura of Wrath) while transitioning platforms to gain a damage buff. Avoid the cleave from the Abyssling. Here is the platform order:

Reaching the last platform (7) or 25% will begin the next and final phase. Requires potential damage stop. Make sure you stack up in the green AOE(Aura of Horror) again and have the tank standing outside.

Aggro Matrodraum and split up on the sides to catch Left and Right Claw. Keep away so Gaze can't reach the raid. Call out each one so the raid knows when to leave the platform(Furious Crush). One needs to pick up the Abysslings. Face away from the raid especially while transitioning platforms.

Support Mechanics:

Begin mana draining him at platform 6-7. Threngar needs to be drained once the last phase starts.

Phase Four: 25%-0%

Boss Mechanics

This is essentially Phase One with a few additional mechanics.

Voice of Threngar: Now does a 10m Knockback from Threngar
Conduit of Matrodraum: Will now be cast twice as often.
Freezing Void: AOE. Will spawn on tanks. Slows.

Tank him similar to Phase One. Move close to him quickly after the knockback to stack up Freezing Void tightly. Swap to the other side of the green AOE. You can jump off the platform and get rezzed from the middle.

Support: Same as Phase One. Keep him drained and complete the necessary mechanics.

Healers: Avoid cleansing Conduit of Matrodraum on the tank swap. Only rezz tanks outside of the raid.

DPS: Keep Threngar purged and interrupted.

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